CROATIA AT NIGHT PARTY AT BELGRADO SPRING SUMMER RINGS: Now there is talk about the whole of Yugoslavia! TURN ON, read the message sent to the CONFERENCE OF THE CLUB! | pleasure

After a message that became a hit on social networks, this girl will bitterly regret the visit to Belgrade

There is a lot of talk about "weekend tourists" from Croatia who come to experience the magic of the nightlife of Serbia. This was done by girls who came from Zagreb to Belgrade to relax a bit. However, forgetfulness was one of them expensive.

photo: Profimedia

She lost her fiancé ring at the club, so she wrote to waiters on WhatsAppu to help her find him. The conversation was underway and it was revealed what she did not want to reveal.

– Last Saturday we were friends and I was with the girl in your club. We usually come from Zagreb. I lost my wedding ring. Did you find it by accident, would it mean a lot to me? – The girl asks.

On the negative reaction of the staff there was a real discovery.

– It's a little unpleasant, but what to do, I have to ask. *** from Bg, long, black about 35 years old, drives in gray Audi. He knew the waiters and a lot of people, if you know him by accident, please give me my number. The ring and a few other things left me in the car – she revealed the girl.

The image of her correspondence was seen everywhere in the Balkans!

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