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August 25, 2018 22:02 |

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DAN, after the accident in the archive of the National Library of Serbia in Belgrade, when the gas emissions caused by the gas leak, Darko Sukalo, director of the company "Empeks", and his assistant Lazar Blagojevic (25), during the investigation of the fire extinguishing system, was closed to users. A large number of members of the police and the fire brigade hung around and in the building. Although, as we have unofficially learned, the situation is under control and there is no danger of extra fumes, they were preventive. All competent services have done their part of the work to arrive at the exact cause of the damage, whether it is a human error or the system is planned, will show an investigation.

Reporters "Novosti" found yesterday before the team of the National Library of the analytical laboratory "Anahem", which went to the depot in special suits and masks to take a sample.

"We have checked the concentration of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and oxygen," one of the workers in Anaheim told Novosti. – This measurement shows the current concentration, which we can not know at the time of the incident, because ventilation has taken place in the meantime. We must have complete equipment to get into that room, and I have no information as to whether the dead workers had protective masks.

The Empeks office on Dobropoljska Street in Belgrade was closed yesterday. As the neighbors told us, they also knew the director of Sukala and his employees.

PANIC At the time of the accident, the whole building, employees and readers left the building in panic and some even got sick. However, as confirmed by the library management, other employees and users were not affected.

"I have seen Darka and all the people who work in" Empeks "almost every day – says one of the neighbors – I can not believe something like that happened Every day we communicated casually, because their company went through my company.

As we learned unofficially, Darko and his wife were on holiday in Banja Luka and of the holiday he returned two days earlier to accompany his son to sports preparations. As soon as he came to Belgrade, he returned to his work.

"I've heard what happened, but we still do not know the details, we're all in shock," Dark's uncle said. – I know his wife ended up in the hospital. It is a big tragedy. He was registered in Nevesinje, but he currently lived in Vozdovac.

Uncle Darka Sukala talks to reporters / Photo Z. Jovanovic

As a reminder, the accident took place around 13 o'clock on Friday during the emergency control of the fire protection system. Sukalo and Blagojević came under the usual control procedure because Empeks has a contract with the National Library to perform this task. At the moment they entered the bottle room, the gas leaked, and according to non-official information the doors closed automatically and all the air was sucked in. They were stuck in that room and they were killed.

CLOSED TO DALJEG HOW was confirmed by the director of the NBS Laslo Blasković, neither the users nor the library material were in danger. He expressed his regret for the death of two workers. The facility only works when the fire safety certificate receives that the building is safe for users and visitors.

Something strange was noticed by employees in maintenance work, who informed the firefighters. They entered the room with masks and Sukala and Blagojevic retreated. Soon an emergency team arrived, which asked another team, but despite their efforts they could only identify death.

Soon Vladan Vukosavljevic, Minister of Culture and Information, came to the National Library, who confirmed that this company was authorized to maintain the system, and that the last regular check was carried out on April 22, while the next one should be in October .


MINISTER FOR CULTURE AND INFORMATION Vladan Vukosavljević has commissioned the institutions of culture and information established by the Republic of Serbia to combat all systems for the protection of property and persons, in particular fire and air.

The institution. As stated in the ministry's announcement, an urgent drafting of a risk assessment act was imposed on institutions that have not yet done so. The same measures were recommended for institutions that fall under the jurisdiction of the City, with the conviction that a tragic incident in the National Library should be a strong warning.


"Love, you will always be in my heart, and the emptiness that I now feel is indescribable." In this way, girlfriend Angela forgave her boyfriend Lazar Blagojevic (in the picture) yesterday, the second victim of a tragedy in the National Library. Earthquake messages on the social network "Instagram" have left Lazaro colleagues from the faculty:

– I do not think, ladies' colleagues, that there is no such a good thing anymore.

Lazar completed High Technical School "Tehnikum Taurunum".


* The reconstruction of the national library of Serbia was officially completed on 12 September 2011, when the library was reopened. The then director was Sreten Ugricic and Minister of Culture Predrag Markovic.

* RECONSTRUCTION lasted five years and four million and three hundred thousand euros from the budget were allocated for this purpose.

* The user area of ​​the building has been renewed, but the & # 39; heart & # 39; the building is not.

* "NEW face" received 6,000 square meters, while 18,000 were not touched since the building was built.

* ZASTAREO and improved fire protection system, built in 1976, has not been replaced so far.

* The national library does not have a license for the security of the fire protection service.

* EXPERTS have often warned that in deposits, in which the ancient and rare books of the sixteenth century are warmer, they are warmer than outside.

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