Dejan Jovic: "Defenders" keep Croatia hostage

Dejan Jovic: "Defenders" keep Croatia hostage

There are different groups and individuals among the defensive populations, this is not a homogeneous group like the media

Speaking of the defenders who asked for the ban, Bajaga, a professor at the FPN in Zagreb, Dejan Jovic says that Zagreb will have to discuss the problem.

The reaction of the political elite to such behavior is currently different at different times, such as when the elections approach, says Jovic for the regional TV N1 and adds that the official Zagreb must come back to declare who the reputation of Croatia violates and holds as a hostage.

"You remember Josipovic, he wanted to take over that group, so he lost some of the elections for one reason or another, the authorities did not resist on the one hand, although sooner or later they had to ask who would violate the sovereignty of Croatia. , this issue must be put on the table, "Jovic said.

The political elite, says this professor at the Faculty of Political Science, now ignores such behavior, as in the case of Momcilo Bajagic, who was banned from the concert in Karlovac, they did not respond. "It's not the best, but it's not even the worst, but we have to put it on the table to see who has Croatia as a hostage," Jovic said.

Jovic says that this is about political contact and that this dimension is more important than musical. "There are different groups and individuals among the defensive population groups, this is not a homogeneous group, although our story about the Homeland War treats them one-dimensionally as a whole.There are people who have introduced this with different motives since & # 39; 91. # 39; 95, now at war, some considered it their duty to defend their country, some were mobilized and some became members – political extremism, which made Croatia a completely different country, not necessarily all with democratic inspiration, "he added. so he shares the veterans in two groups – makers and defenders.

This difference is still visible, he says. "There are different groups, although most follow what Gotovina said:" The war is over, let us return to peace. "But among them there are people who want to talk about war constantly and that war never ceases. in our memory or in constant practice, they think that the meaning of their existence holds on to new battles and they constantly invent new opponents and enemies of people who are not, they want a new conflict because they think Croatia is not yet free and free, that there are still many "others." They constantly talk about "others" – Yugoslavs, Serbs, Chetniks … ", he pointed out.

Asked if there are people among the veterans who really have such political power, Jovic says they would like it and that they will be helped by a few portals, internet forums and social networks that they use.

"Some groups, because they do not have the power in the numbers, can not vote and try to become a veto player, but legitimity does not come from elections, but where you were & # 39; 91 and those who participated & # 39; 91. They are entitled to Croatia, in which sense the popular will or the number of votes is not important at all: it is a category that I call makers, and not defenders who, as a shoe manufacturer, regard Croatia's shoes as their object and that only it is entitled to it, which endangers the sovereignty of Croatia. & # 39;

And for the question what would have happened if politics had been clearly defined – who are the defenders and who "creators", says Jovic: "I would like to hear the representatives of the defenders with regard to the creators. the group on behalf of whom this minority speaks says that they do not speak on its behalf. & # 39;

Source Tanjug / B92, 20 August 2018

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