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The KRUŠEVAČKA police arrested today Igor Gajić (45) and Zoran Jotić Jotka (63) because they suspected they were involved in the murder of Dejan Stanković Ždrokinac (71), who fired several firearms at the entrance of the hotel "Golf" in Kruševac settlement Prnjavor. Stefan Radulac Zuti (25) is suspected as the immediate enforcer of the liquidation, which is escorted and followed by an international arrest warrant. Gajic and Jotic were held for up to 48 hours, after which they were taken to the public prosecutor for a hearing with a criminal record.

Radulac is also suspected that in May of this year in the center of Kruševac almost the same way Stanković's son Vojin, 41, one of the "fierce" Kruševac-boys, has killed. It is assumed that after this crime Radulac escaped to Kosmet and according to stories circulating in the city under Baghdad, most likely afraid of revenge, Voince's father only executed a month later.

LIQUIDATION IN KRUŠEVAC: Ždrokinac stretches in front of the hotel

With the arrest of accomplices two of the crimes in May and June of this year are broken, for which the majority of Krusevljan is convinced that this is a settlement of the opposing criminal clans, because of unscrupulous bribes and revenge. The police suspect Jotić has supplied logistics, that is, he helped Haradic, his "right hand", to help Radulac. In addition, he also supplied vehicles, clothing and wigs. On the day of the assassination, Gajic allegedly drove Radulc and waited for him after the crime. Later they set the car on fire to cover up the instructions.

Settled: Vojin and Dejan Stanković Ždrokinac

Because of numerous criminal acts Dejan Stanković Ždrokinac and his twin brother Vojin, who gave his son a name, also had a daring criminal record. Three years ago the brothers came out of bars because of the suspicion that in March 2014 they murdered the famous Krusevo dentist Milutin Rokic (65), a childhood friend with whom they even had coups. Rokic was killed by a firearm shooter for his office and there were no direct eyewitnesses. After a lengthy investigation, the police were almost certain that Dejan was a murderer, but because it was not possible to determine the identical DNA of the twins who killed the dentist, he was later acquitted of the lack of reliable evidence for the Supreme Court in Krusevac. .

Hidden in the center of Krusevac

In the meantime, Dejan's twin, Vojin, died of natural death, and his son, also called Vojin, was killed in the center of Kruševac in early May. As it was determined, because of the earlier conflict and the responsibility with Vojin's son, this murder was committed by Stefan Radulac, for whom the police are still intensively searching.

In early June, the police relieved the murder of Gorgi Darmanovic and arrested Krusevljan S. S. (63) and S. Đ. (44), and then the deceased Dejan Stanković Ždrokinac was already marked as the ordering party of the murder.


ZORAN Only five months ago, Jotic came from the Zabela prison camp, where he spent 15 years, to the extent that he had been sentenced to one single punishment for extortion, "extortion," and bribery of the Supreme Court of the former Supreme Court. Serbia to make a milder punishment. Jotka, as leader of the "Kruševac group", was arrested in March 2003 with her employees in the "Saber" campaign. Behind the bars they found, almost five years after the well-being of Krusevans, they took money with threats and rattling. Jotic's closest collaborator was Goran Petrović Peta, who was killed in Kruševac three years ago. It is interesting that the sister of Gajić was married to him.

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