Đilas: We are not alone against Vučić, we also have ideas

He said that it shows their program in 30 points:

"We tried to be concrete, to tackle economic problems," Djilas pointed out at N1.

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When the Alliance overcomes power, it will live much better, because, says Djilas, it is not difficult to live better than to live today.

"We are all going to leave the country, how many doctors and nurses, what the state is doing – nothing, we will increase those salaries by stopping the theft and making the economy that can bear it." We gave RTB Bor for free, like an airport we gave, "Djilas said.

Although he is aware of the diversity and diversity of the views of individual members of the Alliance, he adds that both Dveri and DS and all others are against the "sale of Serbia" and an acceptable attitude towards state interests to have.

With regard to Kosovo, Djilas said that the Constitution of Serbia and the SBUN Resolution 1244 should be respected.

"We in the Alliance said that we are ready to talk with the Albanians, we will not be the President of the UN for Kosovo, the idea is to work on reconciliation," concluded Đ.

Mihajlovic: Djilas offers the same policy that Serbia has reversed

The Deputy Prime Minister and members of the SNS Presidency said today that his Alliance for Serbia has nothing new to offer besides the same policy that Serbia borrowed over the years, impoverished and brought back into development.

"Everything that Đilas has to offer today has already given the citizens of Serbia the opportunity to see and, unfortunately, feel on their skin Today, it promises higher wages for educators, and the power of the Democratic Party Whose part it was, brought Serbia on the brink of bankruptcy, it is not deserved, "she said.

When Djilas talks about the national debt, it must be known that the government debt has exploded during the time of the DS.

"And you're funny when Djilas, as a man who raised his property while he was in power 800 times, accuses everyone of becoming rich," Mihajlovic said, according to a statement from her cabinet.

Đilas does not even have a solution and a plan for a strategically important company, but they are the first to criticize every investment and today it says that "RTB Bor has given us free, as an airport we have given," she said.

"For Djilas, there is nothing for $ 1.46 billion of investments that RTB Bor will save and develop, a concession of 1.46 billion euros for Nikola Tesla Airport, as well as a certain future for Smeleevoevo's Zelezara. for him, the citizens of Serbia have a certain future, but the euro will not reach the pockets of Djilas and his pirates, "says Mihajlovic.

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