Djuric: If there are more Serbs, more territories, money and rights

He says that we will not be willing to accept a solution that the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija would not allow in Kosovo better than today, and points out that this relates to health, education, economic development, political rights, but also in all other areas of life on which the future of the Serbian people depends, both north and south of the Ibar.

Emphasizing that problems on the KiM has existed for decades and centuries, he stressed:

"It is clear that as long as RBI and Albanians live in the same area and the conflicting interests, lasting peace and stability can not exist without a historical compromise, our country is ready to look for such a solution. "

Indicates that it is necessary to unite in these days and months as people and society, because this is a matter of far-reaching state and national interest [19659002] Asked if this solution would be, he says he is not an optimist.

"It is only certain that because of the responsibility for the future of our people, we do not have the right to say that the problem does not exist and that it is resolved We are leaving it to the next generation President Aleksandar Vucic is certain no man who, because of the lack of courage or a number of political calculations, will turn his head away from the problem, "said Djuric.

Speaking of the demarcation, Djuric said that although the so-called opposition had risen against such a proposal, an argument that could undermine the logic of common sense is that it is better to have something than to have nothing to do. "

" The only thing they have done with this pestilent performances is that they have returned the wind to those abroad whose position is that Serbia should only lose everything and who They say that the Serbian national issue is irrelevant is, "said Djuric.

Asked what status the Serbs south of the Ibar would have if the north was based on a solution from Serbia, Djuric replied:" If an agreement would have more than today. And if that is not the case, we will give even more help to the enclaves in the coming period. There is almost no Serbian house in KiM that does not get something from the state of Serbia and so it will stay. Our people can count on the full certainty about this issue. "

He also says that there is no answer to the question when the ZSO could be formed despite the Albanian obstructions.

He says that in his view the Steering Committee for the establishment of the ZSO in its work on the draft statute has respected the deadlines and address to be addressed in Pristina and Brussels, where the text must be submitted to the boards and dialogue at the highest level.

"We undoubtedly expect the process to be unblocked"

Director of the Bureau Kim has responded to the recently announced project Kadri Veseli "New Mitrovica".

"If you know the biography Kadri Veseli it is clear that his plans, not even a trial balloon, can not be ignored. Not here is the wish of a renaissance politician to create beautiful squares, buildings and streets. Here is the intention to carry out the ethnic penetration of Albanians in the middle of the Serbian majority population, "warned Djuric.

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