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August 26, 2018 18:43 |

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According to the latest information, the Serbian roads at the toll stations are not retained, but the details of the border police directorate speak of longer reservations on the crossings

According to the latest information, the roads of Serbia do not have any interests at the toll stations, but the details of the border police's administration speak of longer reservations at the crossings, so Horgos had passenger vehicles on average four hours, while Kelebia waited 60 minutes to land. leave.

Bačko Vinogradi waits for about 2 hours, and on Horgos II waiting times often vary, so it is recommended to cross Đala or Bajmok, which work until 19 hours, as well as Bački Breg, where the retention is lower.

Batrovci is waiting for about 120 minutes from Serbia to Croatia.

Intermediary with Croatia is quickly filled, which considerably prolongs the retention at the Croatian entry and it is a recommendation to drivers to use alternative crossings.

And since the retention is also variable with the Šid crossing, where it is currently waiting for an hour, it is desirable to use the passes Sot, Ljubu, Nestin or Backa Palanka where the retention is shorter.

Traffic at the country's entrance from Bulgaria and Macedonia is increasing, while Gradina and Presevo wait 30-60 minutes.

At the border crossings with Montenegro Gostun, Jabuka and Špiljani currently stay for about one hour, while there is no retention at other intersections.

The Auto-Moto Association of Serbia warns of increased traffic intensities during the evening, as well as possible weather conditions combined with higher precipitation, therefore they advise drivers to adapt to the speed conditions on the road, to keep a larger distance and not to risk tilting and rounding of the column.

During the evening, precipitation, thunderstorms, thunderstorms and a noticeable fall in temperature are expected throughout the country, and meteorologists warn of local short-term weather with abundant precipitation, city and storm winds.

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