Draft amendment to amend the Constitution next week

The government is preparing to change the constitution of the republic, the question is being asked at the moment.

The Ministry of Justice will publish the text of the draft constitutional amendments in line with the recommendations of the Venice Commission next week. That is why a roundtable meeting will be organized to invite experts and all others who are interested to find out what the Ministry of Justice has done and to express concern about specific solutions.

In this way, according to Minister of Justice Nele Kuburović, they will try to find the best provisions that will be submitted to the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, which is responsible for drafting the final text of the amendment.

– By the end of the month, the Serbian government should send an initiative to the National Assembly to amend the constitution. This means that the government initiates that certain provisions of the Constitution change, without submitting a concrete text of constitutional amendments. Thereafter, the National Assembly should decide by a two-thirds majority whether it is ready to make changes to the Constitution or to accept the government's initiative.

Many are concerned that they are influenced in this way by the provisions of the constitution that prohibit membership of Serbia from military alliances and define Kosovo and Metohija as part of the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

Are those who argue that these amendments are only a hidden tactic and take steps towards Serbia's membership of NATO and the surrender of Kosovo and Metohija, as well as the opening of the possibility of an uncontrolled influx of immigrants and the acquisition of the Serbian citizenship, where?

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Source: Politika

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