Married couple Banovic
Married couple Banovic photo: Facebook print screen / Dušan Banović

Dušan (40) and Maja (38) Banovic, doctors from Serbia, op holidays they saved their lives in Hanioti Greek that had started.

– It looked like a movie. Someone was screaming, so we saw the body floating in the water. We ran to the woman, but she gave no signs of life. – they are talking about "Blic".

This, almost tragic event took place on Saturday at the beach of Molos in Hanioti, and the public was informed because one of the Serbs who visited him did not want this gesture to go unnoticed.

Every honor for our doctors has saved one life and saved one family She wrote in a message that she sent to Fejsbuks & # 39; Live from Greece & # 39; managers.

– In the afternoon, when we had a boyfriend on the beach, someone called & # 39; woman & # 39; … We turned around and saw the body floating on the water. We walked immediately and when we came to the woman, we saw that he gave no signs of life – Banovići talk.

Then they pulled her out of the water on the shore, and the woman was "a bush like a plum," and without consciousness, without a pulse, and did not dare.

– We called someone named Emergency Aid. We immediately started resuscitation, which she first started to breathe spontaneously by breathing water from the mouth. Then we turned her head to the side and after a few minutes, with further resuscitation, we got a pulse. While we waited for the emergency relief, which arrived for about 15-20 minutes, the woman came to consciousness and we started to communicate with her – this is how Maja and Dusan tell the event.

They also say that the woman was disoriented at the time, but that she had been successful and that she had come to the Emergency, who had taken her and brought her to the hospital.

"We were so excited and happy that we succeeded in saving his life.Yes, so far there have been countless times, but for the first time out of business and without equipment.

Otherwise, Dušan is an intern at the General Hospital in Sombor, a future interventional cardiologist, and in autumn she goes to subspecification of cardiology. Maja is a doctor specialized in pediatrics and works in the health center Odzaci. Right in that house of health they met and today they have three children: Luke, Uros and Nađa.

After a dramatic rescue in Hanioti, they are in daily contact with their unscheduled "pacient" son.

– We have heard from her son, who contacted us tomorrow and thanked us, that she is stable and further tested these humble heroes talk.

The woman she saved is a 70-year-old local swimmer who literally lives along the coast. When everything happened, the sea was quiet and there was even a dinghy on, Banovic said. They found out that she had no pain and did not take any therapies.



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