Dušica Jakovljević openly: This was an attack on me, it was the car I bought myself!

After the drivers of the Coalition Dušica Jakovljević, a car that had been overtaken in recent months, the public was shocked.

The day after the explosion, the host announced her live broadcast and shared her impressions about the event with the audience

– I do not know what to say, I am very sorry that this story is spreading and my partner is questioned. If I were to drive in the south, it would not be that way, but because it is a jeep, the whole story is immediately put into a different connotation. – she started her story Dusica.

– This was an attack on me, not a man who has not been in Belgrade for months. It is the car I bought for my personal needs, which I bought myself! I have never shared a brand with anyone in a car, so I do not know if that was the case and how someone could find it through social networks. I bought it from the money I earned myself in the past 20 years of honest work – she continued her story leader.

– I used this car every day for my personal needs, the car I bought myself. I needed a big car because I constantly drive a lot of children with me, I have a great family. I bought it from the money I earned, not at night, and everyone knows how much I attaches to my business – said the manager, and she turned to the moment of the explosion.

Dušica Jakovljević in shock and tears: There is no reason to fear for life, I will become better (photo)

– Everything is burnt, material damage is complete. I was alone in the apartment. I felt that something had broken into me. At first I thought it was an earthquake, so I went to the bathroom to see that it was not a boiler. When I saw smoke from the window of the room, I thought that part of the building collapsed. It did not even happen to me that it was my car. Then I became ill, luckily I came to myself. I hope this will go well – Said Dusica.

– My children are great, better than me. I phoned the phoenix a few years ago and I did not even think I had to get up from the ashes – She ended her recording in the show "Premiere – Weekend Special".

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