Emergency warning RHMZ: Heavy rainfall with raindrops and city will conquer these parts of the country tonight | Telegraph

Judging from reports on social networks somewhere about some parts of the capital began to yell

  Belgrade, sky above, storm, clouds, rain

The refreshment that follows us after the hot day will capture the peripheral parts of Belgrade and bring the storm.

Dangers of the jury from the ocean: a tropical storm Ernesto moves to Ireland and Great Britain, Hurricane Lane threatens Hawaii

19659009] City for Topola from Belgrade, size of the eggs 🙆

– Alice in the Crazy Country (19459027) 19 August 2018

– In Barajevo

Judging from reports on social networks, somewhere somewhere it began to burst over certain parts of the capital.

Printskrin: RHMZ

The precipitation will, in fact, except for


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