Expected traffic is expected, Horgos waits 4 hours

There is also a detention during the crossing of the Bački Breg about one and a half hours.

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At present, the recommendation for entry into Hungary is the Kelebi border crossing, because the retention at this crossroads is no longer than half an hour, while the smaller one passes Horgos II, Djala, Bajmok and Backi Vinogradi from 7 to 19 hours.

From Serbia to Croatia in the Batrovci GP the retention is often variable, the intermediary with Croatia is quickly filled, which considerably prolongs the retention at the entrance to Croatia and it is a recommendation to drivers to use alternative crossings.

During the day, drivers are expected to change their belongings to GP Sid, so GP Sot, Ljubu, Nestin or Backa Palanka should be used, where retention is shorter.

Improved traffic is also expected at the country's entrance from Bulgaria and Macedonia, while the waiting for GP Gradina and Presevo are currently running up to half an hour, according to the AMSS statement.

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