Fiasco with the return of a "pony" bike due to too high a price economy

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18 August 2018 22:15 |

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Puppetly announced return of the cult pony from the era of socialism with modern functions did not meet the expectations of the manufacturer, and the main reason was the price of these two-wheelers

Two years ago the return of the cult bike & pony & # 39; paired with a big one but this story seems to have been completed.

Namely, as reported by the Croatian company diary, BTC, one of the two partners of the project has already raised the hand of the "pony", and Gorenje, who at that time calculated that will be a brand of Using socialism, loved on the territory of the entire former Yugoslavia, to drive an electric motor [reportedly found a buyer for the company Gor-fietsen, but does not publish the subject.

Gorenje Gor Gores founded with 650 thousand euros, after it had bought the brand Rog, it reminds Ljubljana Finance. Gorenje had a 61.5 percent stake in the joint venture, while BTC had 38.5 percent of the capital.

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Late last year there was a need for recapitalization, in which the BTC did not participate, so that the company was 100% owned by Gorenje

Before that date was otherwise the sale of "pony" with "modern features" planned, in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.

sales were not even helped by the sale of large traders such as Merkator and Tuš, because many of them were already suspicious about the price of 329 euros for the basic model, while the most expensive version was 789 euros.

And here it seems, the cause of the failure of the whole company, according to sources from the newspaper of Ljubljana, because there are many similar bikes on the market at a significantly lower price.

However, they did not want to say how much a pony was produced at Gorenje

. from rose of the announced deadlines, three to four years, in which the company is going to make a profit.

"It is not true that we will completely stop production ", it remains to a limited extent "said Gorenje, confirming the information about the sale of Gorc Wheels, which is in line with the strategic orientation of Gorenje to focus on the core activity, production and sales of household appliances.

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