FINAL EXPERIENCE OF CULTURAL EARLIER: Renewed monument to Serbian soldier in Pozarevac | Serbia


August 22, 2018 06:41 |

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In Pozarevac reconstruction of the monument for the Serbian soldier, from 1923.

In Pozarevac the reconstruction of the monument to the Serbian soldier, which is located at the meeting of the streets Kosovska, Svetosavska and Deligradska, is completed.

The value of the work of the company Granit Liješće from Sremska Mitrovica has reached 1.6 million dinar and the holder of the reconstruction project, financed by the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Veteran Affairs, is the Regional Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of Smederevo .

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Remember that the monument was erected in 1923, dedicated to the soldiers who participated in the Balkans and the First World War, and consists of a soldier in a cannon, leaning on the rifle and the postings on which the names of the 140 heroes are engraved.

The first reconstruction was done in 2005, but did not yield satisfactory results …

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