FIRE IN AIR TRANSPORT OF SERBIA: Urgent landing in Larnaca society

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September 18, 2018 23:29

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On the flight from Belgrade – Hurghada an incident occurred where the bulk of the luggage was probably lit on the plane, forcing it to flee to Larnaca

On the flight Belgrade – Hurghada there was an incident where most of the luggage was probably lit on the plane, so it landed in Larnaca, passengers of that flight Ljiljana and Rade Kandic told the Tanjug editors tonight.

The plane waited for a large number of firefighters, ambulances and the police at Larnaka airport.

Then they told travelers that everything was in order and that they could get out.

Passengers at the airport receive vouchers for food and drinks and wait for further information.

As Ljiljana Kandic told her, she and her husband sat on the chairs next to the emergency exit and the staff instructed them.

He also says that no smoke was seen through the windows.

The plane is "Er Serbia Goran Bregović", added Ljiljana Kandić.

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