Founders of the Alliance for Serbia: the political scene in Serbia is no longer the same

The founders of the Alliance for Serbia have today, on the occasion of the official formation of that opposition block, determined that the political scene in Serbia & # 39; is no longer the same & # 39; and that & # 39; now all voters of the opposition have the hope of change & # 39 ;.

In a joint statement on today's Alliance for Serbia's founding meeting, the leaders of that opposition bloc stated that they have not only gathered to change the government led by the Serbian President and the Serbian Progressive Party Aleksandar Vucic, but " humiliation policy of all citizens of Serbia ".

"That's why we went from work to work and we agreed on about 30 program points that depend on the normal life of every citizen." The fight against the poverty policy of the current government, free elections, independent media, investments in the domestic economy, measures to promote birth and support families, the issue of the origin of property and the issue of Kosovo and Metohija, there is no place for our ideological differences, which gives the hope that changes can occur in Serbia, "the statement said.

The joint statement was signed by the former President of the Democratic Party and former Belgrade, Mayor Dragan Djilas, People's Party leader Vuk Jeremic, President Zoran Lutovac, Dveri leader Bosko Obradovic, President of Serbia and Serbian Serbia, Milan Stamatovic and Borko Stefanovic, president Zajedno za Srbiju Nebojsa Zelenovic, president of the movement movement Janko Veselinovic, president of the Slavisa Ristic homeland movement and the president of the unions of Serbia "Sloga" Zeljko Veselinovic.

The founding meeting of the Alliance for Serbia is held today at 17:00 at the Sava Center in Belgrade.

The leaders of the opposition bloc have previously stated that the decisions in the alliance will be adopted by consensus, that they will not have one president, but a presidency with representatives of all ten founders, and the president will rotate each month in alphabetical order of the names of the members of the Presidency.

In addition to the Presidency, the Serbia Conference will act as a consultative body, in which everyone who joins the bloc later will be able to find their place.

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