Four fatalities in the Western Nile in a week

Of the fever of the Western Nile, a disease transmitted by infected mosquitoes, 159 patients have been registered in our country so far.

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The average age of people who have been diagnosed with this virus is 62 years this year, and at the deaths for 75 years, they say in "Batut".

Director of "Batuta" Verica Jovanovic called on the citizens to apply personal and protective measures and to comply with recommendations regarding protection against mosquito bites.

"In the first place it is necessary to avoid walks along the river, through forests, grasslands and parks, especially at twilight and in the early hours of the afternoon, because these are the periods of the strongest activity of mosquitoes," Jovanovic told Tanjug and stressed that protective measures are sufficient to adequately suppress all risks related to transmission and infection with the Western Nile virus.

The most affected are in Belgrade and Vojvodina
Most of them are located in Belgrade (78), South Bačka (29), South Banat District (26), West Bank (6), Podunavsky (6), Sremskiy (4), Srednjebanatski (3), Braničevski (3) , North Banat (2) Kolubarski (1), Macvansky (1).

It advises to stay as comfortable as possible in the air-conditioned rooms during warm weather, to avoid wetland walks, to set up nets on the windows and to wear suitable clothing during the stay in nature.

"Our job is to protect ourselves, there is no panic," says Jovanovic, adding that protection measures should apply especially to people with chronic diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension.

She explained that the clinical manifestation of the western Nile virus most often passes without major symptoms, but when it comes to neuro-invasive disorders, it is a rather alarming situation because a person feels weak, has a stiff neck and often confused.

"In this case it is necessary to contact the doctor, otherwise 80% of our citizens will find themselves in a situation of infection, but without clinical signs and manifestations," noted Jovanovic.

The current epidemiological situation in the case of infected mosquitoes and the confirmation of the presence of the western Nile virus were, let us say, the characteristic of our region in 2013.

"According to the experts' conclusions, such epidemic phenomena are very common in five-year cycles." We do not have an epidemic, but we urge all citizens to apply personal protection measures, "Jovanovic said, recalling that 303 people in Serbia were affected by this virus in 2013, of which 35 were deadly.

The fever of the Western Nile was first recorded in Serbia in 2012. From then until 2017, 574 cases of fever were reported in the Western Nile and 61 people died, according to Batuta.

The fever of the Western Nile is a seasonal disease and usually occurs during the period of the largest mosquito activity. Experience shows that the first person is usually reported in the second half of July and most patients report in August.

In the European Union this year 273 cases of fever from the Western Nile were registered in Italy, Greece, Hungary, Romania, France, Croatia, while nine patients died.

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