FR: A fugitive Serb, "mocked" with the forgeries and the battles

Nice – A Serb citizen who is considered a fraudulent international figure was arrested in France, sources close to the judiciary.

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As they were quoted, he was arrested after attempting to replace a South Korean citizen in exchange for two million euros in the bickering of counterfeit banknotes [19659007] the identity was not disclosed, was heard in a court in Nice and an accusation for fraud at an organized gang was filed against him, Frans told his lawyer, Žerar Budu, adding that his client was in custody while still in custody sat in front of his accomplice.

He was arrested on 13 August in a luxurious hotel in Cannes, where he stayed for a while and lived on a high leg, driving a luxury car and a clock of about 100,000 euros.

The victim is a South Korean entrepreneur, owner of a Bitcoin company, with headquarters in Singapore. He filed a complaint on 30 July after discovering that he had received 500 euro banknotes.

Entrepreneurs pre-transaction of men by presenting themselves as investors and imposing on him to impose a value of more than 500,000 euros.

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