From 2019 these salaries have employees in the public sector, a salary table that shows the exact figure in the dinar!

The highest average incomes in the state sector of Serbia now have employees at the police, up to 40% above the republican average, followed by the defense, while the health workers usually get the blame.

This wage imbalance will be systematically corrected from next year by the reform of the pay system, and the exact amount of new income of about 470,000 workers in health, education, police and public administration will be found at the end of September, to new coefficients and bases for calculation and payment of income.

– After the adoption of the regulation on the coefficients, which is expected to be at the end of September, the employees in public services will know the starting coefficient for calculation and payment of the salary of the workplace where the employee is deployed, while the amount known will be after the amount of the base at the end is determined year, by approving the law on the budget – they are told by the Ministry of …

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