GUZVE AFTER GRANICAMA: About Batrovci and Horgos remain a long-term wait society

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August 24, 2018 13:42 |

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At the border crossing, the Batrovci with Croatian companies are still much more time-consuming, and at Horgos the exit waits for about two hours

At the border crossing Batrovci with Croatia, the companies are still more time-consuming, and at Horgos the exit waits for about two hours.

"According to the latest information from the Border Police Department, at least two hours are waiting for the retreat from Hungary to Horgos, with a tendency to rise, while at Batrovci with Croatia a number of detentions continue, and despite police help to cross, has long waiting still ", announced the Auto-Moto Association of Serbia.

Traffic is intensified on other frequencies, but the waiting time is from 30 to 45 minutes.

In the joint action of MUP and AMS S, new web cameras were installed at the most common border crossings with Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria and Macedonia.

AWAYITATE I: GUARANTEE OF THE BORDER: Multiple retention at the entrance to the ground, a column at Horgos 5 km long

Webcams, which can be viewed at any time on the AMS S internet platform, send full information with the current traffic volume image and the time needed to cross our border crossing, according to the statement.

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