HAOS IN NOVI BEOGRAD: Owners of cottages disabled activists of the Savski Nasip Association to hold a protest walk | news

  HAOS IN NOVI BEOGRAD: The owners of the cottages have disabled the activists of the Saviks-nasip-association to hold a protest walk

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BELGRADE – Association of the Fietsstraat has announced tonight that the owners of illegal buildings on the Savski Damirol prevented the walk of a group of citizens who reported their protest to the police.

According to the statement, the members of the Savski Nasip Association, with police security, planned to walk to the Galovica Canal on the Sava embankment, but prevented the owners of illegal buildings from walking and the police did not respond.

"The owners of the cottages have repeatedly denounced the participants in the walk and threatened with violence, to which the police did not react and the situation was on the edge of the conflict." The Savski Nasip Association considers this a national defeat because it allows the owners of illegal buildings to gather and publicly display, although it openly violates various laws of this country, "the statement said.

The Savski Nasip Association has been suggesting for months that the traffic of motor vehicles along the dike is forbidden and that it is the owners of illegal cottages. They warn that cyclists and pedestrians are threatened by motor vehicles driving on the quay and that the quay is not built so that it can handle motor traffic, thus endangering stability.

Incidents between civilians who protested against motor vehicles on the quay and the owners of illegal cottages and which had happened before.



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