Homepage for Saturday, August 25, 2018

Homepage for Saturday, August 25, 2018

The Belgrade leaflets on the front pages are written on various topics on 25 August, but most attention is paid to the statement by the American President John Bolton's advisor that the defense of the borders with Kosovo and the tragic event in the National Library of Serbia in which two people are killed as a result of gas leak are not defended.

BLIC "Increasing the price of bread in the autumn", says the newspaper that wheat prices can increase the price of bread and pastries. "America does not rule out the correction of borders", the US position on the demarcation with Kosovo.

ALO "It's worth it to agree that Matija is with him", scholar Matija Beckovic denies allegations of support to the leader of New Serbia Velimir Ilic. "800 liters of brandy has disappeared from the monastery" about the disappearance of brandy from the Milešev monastery at night.

VEČERNJE NOVOSTI "America does not defend the change of borders," the "intensification" of the United States in the field of KiM. "300 experts go into the fight against drugs", the newspaper writes that 50 teams will control 1,700 schools. "Lazar and Darka" shattered "gas" about the tragedy in the National Library in Belgrade.

TODAY "Boris Tadic: Sava Janjic is a great hero in opposition to the false Vucic patriot", the title of the interview with the leader of the social-democratic party. "The Prosecution has no information that foreign intelligence services have collected evidence," the special prosecution of Kosovo over the murder of SDP leader Oliver Ivanovic. "For war in Syria, the accusation is terrorism, for Ukraine conditional," about the double court series of the courts and prosecutors for the "dogs of war" from Serbia. "Two workers in the National Library died", a tragedy in Belgrade.

INFORMER "Vucic will spend the night in the dormitory for students", with details of Aleksandar Vucic's visit to Kosovo, announced for 9 September. "Director and employee died" about the tragedy in the National Library of Serbia.

KURIR "Since October, a higher pension, in December and salaries," the newspaper writes about the announcement of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic. Under the heading "The director and employee died in the worst case, scratching the door while they were being crushed", about the details of the accident in the National Library.

POLICY "US does not exclude border corrections" on the occasion of the statement by the US President's advisor. "Successful peoples agree", the title of the interview with the Minister for European Integration Jadranko Joksimovic. "Gas extinguished two workers", a tragic event in the National Library.

SERBAN TELEGRAPH "Secret Project of the Army of Serbia", about a secret project called "Lord of the Rain".

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