HOROUR AT BUVLJAK: The seller caught the girl for MEETING! | news

illustration photo: Nebojša Mandić

girl Ü.M. (25) she reported to the police that she was in progress market in the street Antifascist fights against seller M.L. (67) caught before crosswhen she came to buy a wardrobe according to her words.

The attacked girl was with her two other friends in a shopping center and examined the statements. At one point she stopped for the M.L. stand, which worked for a long time at Buvljak and sold clothing. The suspect then addressed the words:

"Step into the cabin to try something", said the source from the survey.

The UM refused to participate, however, because none of the things liked her, but then the seller became navy.

She repeated her several times to enter the cabin behind the counter, but the girl clearly was not, despite his persevering pressure. The refusal was M.L. very angry. Then he approached the unhappy girl and seized the pure peace for the entire body.

The girl did not know what had happened to her, she immediately ran away from the stable and began to scream:

"Because you are not ashamed, you are a grown man, and you behave like that," said the interlocutor, adding that it was established that the legal representative of the seller had a CZ pistol.

– The police determine all the circumstances surrounding this case. The girls are checked, after which the rights of truth are determined, says the interlocutor.

Sellers holding a stall not far from M.L. they say he had made problems earlier.

– He provokes and intimidates constantly, both buyers and our colleagues. He even tried to charge physically with a couple, so it did not surprise me that he had attacked a friend – says the salesman.



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