How is a youthful paramilitary camp on Zlatibor?

"We, our association and parents agreed to give four thousand dinars for this camp, there was no financial help in the money received from anyone other than the municipality of Cajetina that provided support on material and technical level and in food." This is a financial construction "Youth-Patriotic Camp Zlatibor 2018" inform the camp organizer and president of the Association of Armed Conflict Participants in the Former Yugoslavia Zeljko Vukelic After the decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia on 17 August 2018, the camp was closed due to possible abuse of children and nuisance from the public.

In response to a question Radio Free Europe (RSE) of the municipality of Cajetina, on whose territory a camp was organized, said that local self-government "defined the space for the realization of the camp and provided food and water for all participants".

"In addition to the above, with the support of its public companies, certain building materials for setting up the tent where lunch takes place", states the RSE response and specifies that the value of the funds provided by the municipality of Čajetina is around 400,000 dinar (about 3,400 euros).

Moral support, according to Vukelić, was organized by the Ministry of Defense of Serbia and the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Belgrade for the organization of the camp. The Association of Armed Conflict Participants in the Area of ​​the Former Yugoslavia.

Although the Embassy of the Russian Federation did not respond to the RSE question about how and if they supported this camp until the publication of the text, the Ministry of Defense of Serbia denied the support:

"The Ministry of Defense in no way participated in the organization of the" Youth Patient Camp Zlatibor 2018 "and the members of the Ministry of Defense did not attend the opening," reads RSE.

In the e-mail of 5 July 2018, whose copy was given by RSE to Vukelic, the Administration for Tradition, Standard and Veterans of the Human Resources Sector of the Ministry of Defense of Serbia & # 39; supported in principle the realization of the & # 39; Youth-Patriotic Camp Zlatibor 2018 & # 39 ;.

This means in practice that Serbia's Ministry of Defense was aware that the plan was to maintain the controversial camp before the official opening on 9 August 2018.

In a letter addressed to the Ministry of Defense on 7 June 2018, Vukelic requested material and technical resources, including the M93 uniforms used by the army of the former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

What is the role of Milan Stamatovic?

Planina Zlatibor in the municipality of Cajetina, about 200 kilometers southwest of Belgrade, as a possible location for the maintenance of the first military-patriotic youth camp in Serbia, modeled after similar camps organized by E.N.O.T. in Russia. Corp mentioned Vukelic for the first time in an interview he gave to RSE in March 2018.

Vukelic then mentioned the support of the President of the municipality of Čajetina Milan Stamatović for leaving children from Serbia to Russia:

"It should probably be on Zlatibor because Mr. Stamatovic was on that first trip when we left in April (2017, Primary Aut.) Was a sponsor of that road, basically a bus, he took care of transport there in Moscow" Vukelic said at that time.

In camps in garrison A in the Russian region of Moscow in 2017 and 2018, organized by E.N.O.T. Corp. was attended by a few dozen children from Serbia, whose parents are members of the Association of Armed Conflict Participants in the area of ​​the former Yugoslavia, as reported by RSE.

Support from Russia

Support E.N.O.T. Corpa did not miss this time either. The organization, which has organized similar camps in Russia for eleven years, has supported the organization of a military-patriotic youth camp on Zlatibor, according to the Russian model.

In a reply from RSE, Valeriy Shambarov of E.N.O.T. Corp and the chairman of the organizing committee of the camp in Russia said that the organization did not give financial support for the maintenance of the camp in Zlatibor.

"Regional public organization ENOT did not provide financial support to the Zlatibor camp in Serbia Unfortunately we do not have this option Only methodological help was provided – we sent information about military sports camps for children in Russia, which was necessary to prepare us and how best to organize the work of the camp, "Shambarov said.

Aside from the guidelines, E.N.O.T. Corp on Zlatibor arrived in the form of two instructors, members of that organization – Aleksey Chumakov and Yevgeny Kvasov. Asked if the instructors E.N.O.T. Corp training in the Zlatibor camp participated in military activities in eastern Ukraine alongside the pro-Russian forces, Shambarov replied:

"We have not sent instructors who participated in the Donbas battles with Serbia."

For the "military merits" and "personal courage" shown in Donbas, fighting alongside the pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine, members of EITO. Corp. in May 2015 was personally decorated by Igor Girkin Strelkov, former commander of the pro-Russian troops in Donetsk in Ukraine, standing at the official website of this organization.

The Association of Armed Conflict Participants in the Former Yugoslavia was established in October 2010, based in Novi Sad. Since its founding in the year 2017, it has received money in public vacancies for various projects in the field of social protection, which mainly relate to the provision of psychosocial support to veterans, military invalids and members of families of fallen soldiers.

Funds for these competitions were received from the provincial government of Vojvodina and from the cash register of Novi Sad and Subotica for a total amount of 3,996,000 dinars (about 33,300 euros), this is stated in the documents submitted to the RSE.

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