Hungarian national holiday marked

NOVI SAD – A celebration of the Hungarian national minority is celebrated in the Novi Sad Theater tonight.

Recalling that the Vojvodina meeting has taken the decision to assign this day as a date of particular importance for the Hungarian national minority, and therefore for the AP Vojvodina as a whole, declared the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia, Igor Mirovic, that this is once again a confirmation of the mutual respect and seriousness of the policy run by the provincial government.

"It is a policy without which the AP Vojvodina would not be what it is, the most developed part of the Republic of Serbia, the engine of economic development and the region in which all citizens will feel safe and satisfied," said Mirovic the holiday congratulations to all members of the Hungarian national minority, Provincial government.

He judged that relations between Serbia and Hungary have never been better in history, and that, he said, should be a signpost for the future.

The Chairman of the National Council of the Hungarian National Minority Jane Hajnal sent a congratulatory letter to members of the Hungarian national minority and said that the interests of Hungary and Serbia are closely linked and that we should be friends.
The president of the meeting of Vojvodina Istvan Pastor was also present at the ceremonial academy.


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