"I CAN NOT AVOID IT" The Belgian went to a woman and a baby to drive them to the sea, so they crashed into a truck and drove


2018/08/20. 11:59

Belgrade civilian Vuk Dragovic (44), who died in a threefold clash in Ipsilon in Istria, went to his wife and baby at the airport in Pula.

Traffic accidents near Gnjilane

Illustration, photo: Kosovo 24

He was on holiday in Pula, and the rest of his family would accompany him in the afternoon. The mother and the baby in Pula had to come from Belgrade.

Beograđanin turned to the left for the unspecified reasons, the truck of the Varaždin-register, which drove from the opposite direction, refused and hit the car with the BiH registration marks.

At the scene of the accident it was a terrible sight. Out of the totally sloppy "Audi" the engine ran away and the firefighters cut off the sheet to reach the dead. There was a child seat in the car, but the driver was alone at the time of driving.

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Dragović was the owner and director of the company "Wing", which deals with the production of parts for aircraft and aircraft. The company was founded by his father, the late professor Tomislav Dragović, who for a long time was head of the Aviation department at the Department of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade.

I stopped him in the cold ZNOJ police in Presevo, stopped the driver (19), looked at the van on which he was driving and because of what they found hit him in the chains

Witnesses say that they never saw the moment they saw in their lives.

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– It was literally a second. Audi went from Rijeka to Pula and at one point it moved on my side. Instinctively I tried to move aside, but unfortunately the crash was inevitable. He hit me left and so everything ended tragically. My head was injured, but the emergency situation came very quickly and I was taken to the hospital in Rijeka. I'm doing well. Every honor for doctors and the whole ambulance, I only praise everyone – said the shocked truck driver who was involved in the accident.


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