If you receive calls from these numbers, call the police urgently!


2018/09/30. 21:42

It is about classic intimidation of citizens, asking for personal information, and if it knows who is behind it

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Reverse phone salesmen call early in the morning, often when they ask you to remove them from the list once and for all and stop calling them.

Apart from persistent, often aggressive civilians, they are looking for data about the number of members of the household, years and professions that they are not allowed to do. If you were too persistent, that company could pay a fine of up to two million dinars.

V.Ž from Belgrade regretted that they were persisting in a climate service, although he did not have an air conditioner in the apartment at all. They also do not want to know where their phone number comes from.

– I do not know how well they call me. Several times they asked my deceased grandfather. I have enough of them, "he complains.

Although neither the Trade Act nor the Consumer Protection Act prohibits distance sales, the legal requirements are defined precisely as long as merchants are allowed. This means that if you receive a telephone call from a company and offer a specific product, and you tell them strictly: "I do not want to call you anymore", it can no longer be repeated.

According to the Consumer Protection Act, if the company continues to make calls, despite having told them that you are not interested in their products and services, it represents a deliberate, unlawful and punishable behavior of a company. Zoran Nikolic, vice president of the National Consumer Organization of Serbia (NOPS), says that the law clearly states that consumers can be protected from persistent commercial calls.

– The person pursuing commercial purposes must immediately register, say from where he is calling and point out that it is for commercial purposes. The consumer can then reply that he does not want to listen any further and that conversation ends.

If the same commercial call follows, the consumer can say that he does not want any further calls from them. If the discussions continue and afterwards, the inspector would have the basis to initiate proceedings against such a company, and in this case the fines will amount to 2 million dinars – Nikolic stresses and urges the consumer to to report such a business operation to the inspection, which is obliged to respond to penalties for violation.


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