Jeremi: Gospo Brnabi (Nemanja); Brnabi: Do not …

Belgrade – Prime Minister Ana Brnabi sent the son of Vuk Jeremic in a Twitter survey that she was not hers, but he received $ 200,000 from the Katar embassy in Berlin.

Source: Tanjug

Photograph by Tanjug, Tanja Vali

Photograph by Tanjug, Tanja Vali

She also urged the leader of the People's Party to declare that she had received the money and judged that he and his colleagues were not convinced that theft and corruption occur in contemporary Serbian history.

Jeremi wrote earlier on Twitter that "the Brnabi family believes that after the fall of the dictatorship, they will be able to go abroad in the presence of Friday during the fingering of the prime ministerial office." The only way to explain the non-alignment with which they are related to the obvious conflict of interest. cheat. "

Brnabi reacted to Jeremy's tweet: "Vue, I'm counting on you with a melee and heroic attack, you just missed it … I did not get $ 200,000 from the Katar Embassy in Berlin, but you. is theft and corruption, you and your colleagues are unprecedented in modern Serb history. "Keep me healthy!"

Then Jeremy's answer followed.

"Gospo Brnabi (or Nemanja), you have six years in power and you have thoroughly investigated all my finances – both legal and illegal – you have not found anything controversial – that it is, I would have worked long with the investigated authorities but you and your brother utoita – I promise. "

Brnaby said, "Do not be annoyed, I call Qatar and the plane right now … it's a problem to explain that it got $ 200,000 from an embassy from another country, that's what you're promised, you're always managed to live … ".

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