Jeremiah: Prime Minister has neglected; Brnabi: Not in your mud

Belgrade – Neu Vue in your mud, so Prime Minister Ane Brnabi reacted to the new efa of the People's Party of Vuk Jeremiah.

Source: Tanjug

Photo: Tanjug / Serbia / Slobodan Miljevi government

Photo: Tanjug / Serbia / Slobodan Miljevi government

Jeremiah said the prime minister did not answer his previous rumors, the latter – "the prime minister has neglected".

"After a resounding response to my remarks about corruption, @anabrnabic ignored the documents I clambered for, did not know they existed, or the EFA package had direct contact with me because there was a thicker end to that end, that is to say, It is bedtime ", Jeremi wrote about this drive.

Shortly after the Prime Minister's response came: "Look, look, but I can not stay in the mud with you …" wrote Brnabieva in his order on Tviter.

The prime minister added and had no time, no matter how interesting it is and how tempting it is to respond to any violation. "Do you know whether you are aware of the state you have left and what should you do now?" Said Brnabieva.

Jeremiah has already written twice in reply, and in a word, that the Prime Minister should deal with "you".

However, at the beginning of the month he had called the president of the government with "creature", which according to him had a situation of circumstance in that position.

In the controversy, Jeremiah began at the beginning of this week, referring to the alleged suspicious affairs of the Brnabi family, Prime Minister Jeremiah said she was not, but had received $ 200,000 from the Berlin embassy in Berlin and had to explain that he had received the money.

"Vue, I extend you once and for all, but you have not … I have not received 200,000 dollars from the Berlin Embassy in Berlin, but you, and this is a thief and gang, you and your colleague. ; s are unprepared to contemporary Serbian history.It's a good buy! "Brnabieva wrote to Jeremiah's voice.

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