Joksimovic: 55% of citizens support EU membership of Serbia

Joksimovic told Tanjug that for eight years, eight years ago, citizens' support for EU membership varied considerably and the changes and amplitudes of the vote were substantial, in line with the changes in the EU itself and in the position of Serbia.

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For the Minister, the latest survey of citizens' support for European integration in the first six months of this year is a very significant change, as this percentage has been between 42, 45 and 47 percent in the last two years.

According to the minister, the latest results are very good, because they mainly point to the maturity of our citizens, and also that they understand the process of European integration, although this is undoubtedly a political process.

He thinks that, apart from the problems that exist in reality, citizens still think that the time of complaining about fate and injustice is over and that together we as a society must agree and go in a direction that is absolutely better. perspective.

"Whether everything will be most successful in the way that we want, no one can guarantee it, but I think it's important to go in the direction that gives us more opportunities, more obligations, more work, but also more opportunities" , underlined Minister Joksimovic, the national coordinator for pre-accession funds.

According to the Minister, the greatest benefits that citizens see of a possible membership of the EU are, first of all, the road to a better future for young people than the possibility of new jobs and free movement within the EU.

"You can also travel if you become a member, possibly in a country, but on the other hand, and you have more opportunities in the country where you live, because new standards, new investments, new jobs are coming", according to the minister.

Citizens, Joksimović emphasizes, attach great importance to the fight against corruption, reforms of the health system, the rule of law, agriculture and environmental protection.

"All this is a very important area for citizens, who they think will certainly be better regulated if Serbia becomes a member of the EU or during this period, while we negotiate membership, we will adjust the country accordingly," said Joksimovic.

She recalled that this year, in February, a credible enlargement strategy was presented, that Serbia received EUR 200 million of non-repayable EU funds from EU pre-accession funds, then projects for cross-border cooperation and renewal of local infrastructure roads, hospitals schools and reform of public administration.

"These are all benefits that citizens ultimately see as an important development segment," said the minister.

He stresses the importance of good relations with EU Member States and argues in this connection that President Aleksandar Vucic and the Serbian Government have continued this trend with both Germany and France, intensifying relations, as well as with many other EU Member States.

"That, of course, gives better political stability, and this results in new investments and new jobs," says Joskimovic.

She pointed out that European integration is indeed a process that benefits everyone.

"Why would the citizens of Serbia miss it if the opportunity already exists," Joksimovic asked.

Joksimovic and Vadelful: Serbia is a proven factor of stability

Minister Joksimovic spoke today with the deputy and deputy chairman of the CDU / CSU of the German Bundestag Dr. Johan Vadelful on the European integration of Serbia, the activities carried out in this process, the results of reforms, the bilateral relations of the two countries and other topics.

Jadranka Joksimovic thanked Germany as an important and strategic partner of Serbia for the support and assistance it offers us in the process of European integration. This is illustrated by the fact that in the past ten years Germany has awarded more than € 1.6 billion in subsidies to countless projects that are in function of the development and progress of our country.

The Minister stressed that through the implementation of the reforms, thanks to citizens and the establishment of a modern state, Serbia has clearly confirmed a pro-European commitment which, she said, should be appreciated by opening new chapters during the Austrian Presidency of the EU Council.

Joksimovic clarifies that in addition to the already prepared four negotiating positions: 9 – financial services, 17 – economic and monetary union, 18 – statistics and 2 – free movement of workers, in the next period, we will conclude the discussions on the adoption of bargaining positions for chapters. : 4 – freedom of movement of capital, 14 – transport and 21 – trans-European network and transmit it to the President of the EU Council.

Germany will continue to monitor Serbia's progress according to set criteria, emphasized Vadelful.

In his view, Berlin encourages and supports Serbia's reforms and European integration, because it contributes to our region and its development, which is in the interests of the EU.

Vadelful pointed out that our country is an important factor in the stability of the region and has proven to be a reliable and constructive partner for whom the EU can count seriously.

Joksimovic stressed that Serbia's progress will be measured in relation to the standards achieved in chapters, as well as with respect to Chapters 23 and 24.

With regard to Chapter 35, which measures and monitors the implementation of the agreement agreed under the Brussels Agreement, Joksimovic stressed that Belgrade showed its capacity and political will to conduct it in consultation, and Prishtina, by not Community of Serbian municipalities before August 4 showed unwillingness to fulfill its obligations.

Serbia, Joksimovic emphasized, supports the continuation of the political dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina at the highest level and expects the EU to support solutions where two parties are involved in the dialogue.

The interlocutors concluded that relations between the two countries are good and that many German investments in the economy of Serbia testify to this.

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