Jovanov responds to the Alliance for Serbia

In an interview with Zrenjanin, the founders of the Alliance estimated that the sale of the most valuable property of the state in the run-up should be halted, equality should be set and the division of Serbia against itself should be prevented, that is "ours. for us ", the People's Party said in a statement.

The president of the Serbian movement Dveri Bosko Obradovic said that the 30-point program of the Alliance for Serbia does not contain words about large national televisions and added that there is no normal life in Serbia.

Speaking of the sale of state property, Dragan Djilas said at a meeting at the Vojvodina Hotel that it is not true that nothing controlled by the state can not function, but is only a matter of those who lead it, know how it is done .

President of the Serbian left, Borko Stefanovic, said the Alliance for Serbia did not meet in the & ua; ua, Vucic & # 39; policy, because it has nothing against him personally, but against the fact that & # 39 ; pensioners and workers in Serbia are the poorest in Europe for his politics & # 39 ;.

Jovanov: They have ruined the state, now they are looking for a new chance for the same

Vice President of GO SNS, Milenko Jovanov, commented on the Alliance's message to Serbia of a meeting in Zrenjanin and said that "those who ruined the state and led the bachelor without shame ask people to do the same thing again. "

"Traveling circus Dragan Đilas visited Zrenjanin and tried to do something from his rich repertoire of lies, fabrications and deceit for a small audience," says Jovanov.

Jovanov said it is far more important for Zrenjanin, Banat and Serbia that, thanks to Aleksandar Vucic, the Chinese investor "Shandong Linglong" will invest 870 million euros in the construction of a factory in this city and that the job will get 1500 employees from Zrenjanin and Central Banat.

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