Kilometer columns at the borders: everyone would leave Serbia and there will only be two crossings on both sides telegraph

From the driveway to the driveway, cars are miles away and when they reach the border, it just starts a "party"

The crowds on Gradina

Columns of cars & # 39; s they formed at the border crossings all over Serbia, especially in the bands that came from our country. Many tourists return home tonight, with respect for the unwritten rule that September 1st is the end of the summer season, and the main roads are full of foreign tables, while crowds have created crowds.

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– Rarely want to enter Serbia, and In Batrovci, and Horgos waits in the worst case 30 to 60 minutes while staying in the intermediate zone, as in Croatia and on the Hungarian side, can be multiple, from the Auto-Moto Association of Serbia (AMSS).

On the Horgos kilometer column Printskrin: AMSS / cameras at the border

Still, the cameras show that in the meantime long columns were formed at Horgos, where for about 20 hours a large number of private vehicles, which were buses, were thrown. In contrast, buses operated on Batrovci.

Headlamps of the headlights do not see the end of Printskrin: AMSS / cameras on the edges

– In case of longer retention, we advise Šid, Sot or Backa Palanka with Croatia, as well as Kelebi or Backi Breg with Hungary – they say AMSS.

According to their predictions, an increase in traffic is expected at the country's entrance Gradini with Bulgaria, where the wait would last about 40 minutes. Nevertheless, looking at the cameras, Gradina was very busy at about 8 pm, and as most passengers left their vehicles and walked alongside it, it seems that the wait is being postponed.

Gradina is one of the busiest Printskrin: AMSS / cameras at the borders

Although about 20 hours Presevo was not that busy, about 40 minutes is the expected waiting time at this border crossing, for those who would go to Serbia.

Preschev is expected to wait about 40 minutes Printskrin: AMSS / cameras at the borders

Sremska Rača registers a waiting time of about 60 minutes both at the entrance and at the exit, they say of AMSS.

How Telegraph readers tell us is not much better on the driveway.

Car & # 39; s miles by August Photo: Reader Telegraf

During 45 minutes we wait in the kilometer column on the toll road to Belgrade. It works as a 15-20 minute wait. On the way from Greece we crossed the border with an average of ten minutes waiting for each … Is this normal? In Greece, one tollgate was opened by civil servants, so huge columns would pass quickly … Is it possible to do that in our country in such circumstances? – asked a reader and sent us photos showing the chaotic situation on the roads.

So close and 60 minutes away Photo: Reader Telegraf


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