Krivol & # 39; s Quail About Serbia –

More than 40 cases of curly quail have been discovered since the beginning of the summer hunting season, the Society for the Protection and Study of Birds of Serbia has announced.

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Illustration: GettyImages

Illustration: GettyImages

Cases of the curl last weekend were discovered in the neighborhood of Pozarevac, Indjija, Surcin, Obrenovac and Vladimirac.

In the hunt game electronic hoaxes are broadcast illegally, which broadcast quail advertisements from the field and thus call them safe death, explains the Association for the Protection and Study of Birds of Serbia.

It was pointed out that the bad law on animals in the wild and hunting, which in practice is reduced to the good will of individuals, will protect the game and that the forestry inspectorate is not interested in avoiding birds' birds.

For birds of prey, sanctions are foreseen for a term of imprisonment of six months to three years, and hunting clubs can be fined for commercial offenses.

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