KURIR ON THE CITY OF THE CITY! FIGHT AND LEADS TO BULEVAR: found a corpse of a man killed by a firearm! (KURIR TV) | Black Chronicle

BELGRADE – The body of an unknown man was found on King Alexander's Boulevard at number 356.

According to the statement, the ambulance team found the death of a man Z. 07 at 07.57.

photo: Курир

It is suspected that Z.T. killed by firearms. The murder took place before the car wash, and when the Kurir unofficially learned that the shootings took place after a dispute over disputes over property.

photo: Курир

The neighbors say that they have heard 3 shots.

Our journalist is on the spot and when we discover that there is a younger woman who is emotionally distracted, the police are more difficult. It is the daughter of the slain who told Kurir that she does not have the power to respond at this time.

The police say that an elderly man was murdered, who reportedly was an investor.

photo: Курир

At the site of the accident, a relative of the slain appeared, who desperately cried, "What makes us, God helps us"

An ambulance was driven away by the body of a man.

(Kurir.rs/Milica Jeremic / Photo: Kurir / Milica Jeremic)


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