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August 28, 2018 06:49 |

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Surrounding Surdulica completed the seventh manifestation called "Vlasinsko somovijada"

The fishing team from Leskovac, led for the third consecutive year by Igor Arsic, became the champion of the seventh edition of the traditional sports and leisure event called "Vlasin Somovijada". In the competition of 70 participants deployed in no less than 23 teams from the south of Serbia, Igor and his son Vladimir and their friend Srboljub Tosic took two out on the last day of the last weekend of the lake. One of 42 (preferably 110 centimeters) and the other 27.5 kilograms.

The second place was won by the team of Žitorađa – Branko Đošić, Nenad Kostic and Marko Ivanovic – with also two trophies, but 13 and 11.5 kilograms. The third are Surdulicani Časlav Marinkovic, Veljko Marinković and Radmilo Stojanović, with "trophies" of 12 and 11 kilograms.

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The organizers of the event – the Vlasina Lake Trout and the Tourist Organization of Surdulica – say that the total number of catches was ten, which together weighed 134.5 kilograms, and the most successful teams and competitors, including boys and girls of nine years , they received valuable prizes and diplomas.

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