Lidl announced the opening of another 7 stores


From the opening of Lidl

Another store will be Belgraders, on the Ada, and will be open in Vrsac, Indjija, Jagodina, Kikinda, Krusevac and Pancevo.

The other side of the coin generalized on Lidl: do you sell chicken on the market?

Shapina thanked the consumer for patience and dedication.

"The first days of Lidl's work in Serbia went as a sign of a long-awaited meeting, I visited a large number of stores personally and got a positive energy that was tangible." Consumers are first and foremost grateful for their trust and hope that they will continue to buy from us.After the "festive" prizes for the opening, we will continue to make the quality available, "he said, according to a statement.

Šapina thanked the employees for opening all 16 stores in the best possible order and added a stamp of affection to the impression of the purchase.

– We have done our best to understand this and apologize if someone has experienced any inconvenience.

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