Lightning mortality: what to do if you cuddle and how you can help the victim

Experts say that lightning is life-threatening and that in the event of a strike, medical assistance is urgently needed.

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The probability of a lightning strike is 1: 625,000, and mortality from lightning strikes varies from 10 to 30%.

"Thunder is the flow of charged particles, which flows from the high layers of the atmosphere to the earth or between the clouds, in that sense there is a high voltage inside and a lightning strike is in principle dangerous to the life of people, and damages and normally damages objects, "RHMZ said earlier.

The victims of the lightning can come at the same time, because it does not endanger the person who provides the aid. And what happens in the body after a lightning strike and how to help the victim?

"First of all tissue damage, in the sense of burns, which is the most common event, but it can also affect the entire metabolism, ie the state of the organism, the cessation of heartwork, respiration and loss of consciousness.If the patient is unconscious, does not breathe, it must be placed on the side so that it can be supplied if it can breathe, just do not block the airways and call an ambulance ", was said earlier in the Ambulance.

We have summer months and therefore have a season of thunderstorms and storms with grmaljavin weeks raged in Serbia and the whole region.

In a lightning strike near Prokuplje, one woman was killed and her husband was slightly injured.

Three days before, a young man died when the lightning struck the sea while swimming with a girl on the beach east of Split.

A week earlier, three people were injured when lightning struck a public beach in Lake Bled, after which they were hospitalized.

In Serbia, between 10 and 20 people die each year from lightning strikes, so precautions are not for nothing. If you hear a lightning strike within 30 seconds of lightning, you must enter the enclosure, avoid contact with metal objects and running water, and turn off all electrical appliances. When you are outside, get out of the open field and avoid tall trees that easily attract the storm.

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