LINKS DE STRAAT, PERFORMANCE PIŠTOLJ AND PUCALA: This is why the pensioner killed the investor in Bulevar! Police UHAPSILA DO YOU SPAVALA! | Black Chronicle

LINKS DE STRAAT, PERFORMANCE PIŠTOLJ AND PUCALA: This is why the pensioner killed the investor in Bulevar! Police UHAPSILA DO YOU SPAVALA!

Photo: Vladimir Šporčić

Stojanka Stojanovic (70), aka Coka, from Belgrade, was arrested yesterday around 7.50 am on the suspicion that she was on King Alexander's Boulevard gunmen shot dead Zoran Trifunovic (59). The gruesome murder took place in the middle of a white day for a car near the flower market, probably as a result of a lawsuit on the suspect and murdered countries.

The body of the murdered man, allegedly a construction investor, was found in Vucicev Prolaz Street, while the suspect was arrested in the street Olge Jovanovic, about 100 meters away. Emergency aid came quickly to the scene of the crime, but she could only identify death.

Three hits

As we unofficially found out, three shotguns were shot at Trifunovic, two of which were hit by him.

– One bullet hit him in the fork, so he came to the temple, while the other hit his belly. The recordings are made by different cameras & these images will be used for further research – said the source Kurir, familiar with the case.

photo: Vladimir Šporčić

He added that he was suspected of having killed a woman who was not related to the murdered.

– They had a lawsuit over the country where the house of suspect Stojanke was. Otherwise she did not resist the arrest and acted as if she knew nothing. After the crime she went into the house and hid the gun. She changed and lay down in bed. Her son, with whom he lives, apparently slept in those days. When the police knocked on her door, she said she did not know what had happened. However, a gun was found by searching the apartment. A paraffin glove was used, but also a wardrobe in which it was located at the time of the murder – explained our interlocutor.

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Suspicious … Stojanka Stojanovicphoto: Vladimir Šporčić

According to eyewitnesses who have probably seen the entire crime, the suspect Stojanka went out into the street, pulled out a gun and shot.

– I do not know if there was a discussion before, but the attention was drawn to the shots. When I got out, I saw Stojanka how he felt close to the body. She got up quickly and went quietly to her house. Soon the police arrived, we explained what we saw, and I still do not know what it was, – one of the eyewitnesses said, but did not want to reveal the name.

My husband is deceased

According to him, the suspect's husband died a few years ago.

– She worked as a lawyer and she worked at the post office for a long time. They had no contacts with neighbors, they seemed to be under their honor. She had been very strange in recent years, but none of us would have thought she was capable of killing a man. She always went out on the street, and the smell when she says it, I think she felt at the flower market – the story of the neighbors says that the suspect son has ended his law, but has not noticed that he did it.

Jelena Rafailović

The family of the murdered


The murderer's family soon came to the place of the murder.

– I do not have the strength to respond, please understand me … – it was the only thing the daughter of the murderer said.

Soon there was a cousin.

– Hello, help me! What happened to us? … she growled with tears.

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