Live demolition: There is no supporting wall, stones remain VIDEO falling

The support wall, which partially collapsed on Corridor 10 yesterday, has collapsed completely today, according to the reporter of the first television from the scene.

Source: B92

Photo: first, screenshot

Photo: first, screenshot

It is a retaining wall that demolished the demolition within three months.

Yesterday morning, the landslide completely destroyed about 500 square meters of concrete gallery around the place where the proper track of the new highway is being constructed. At the moment of the collapse of concrete, earth and stones, there were no workers in the neighborhood and the eyewitnesses said that they first saw a cloud of dust and how the trees fell from the hill.

Nowadays, however, the situation is worse because the wall has collapsed completely.

You can assure yourself that the slider and "keep working" alone, because the video shows how the stones continue to collapse.

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