Lutovac (DS): The Alliance for Serbia makes a decision by consensus

Lutovac (DS): The Alliance for Serbia makes a decision by consensus

President of the Democratic Party (DS), Zoran Lutovac, said today that the Alliance for Serbia will make decisions by consensus and that the Alliance will promote political culture and respect for different opinions.He told N1 that the parties that will make the alliance work on the ground and talk to the citizens.

On the basis of criticism, he said in the alliance of parties with different ideas about the future of Serbia that in the Alliance for Serbia each party sets aside its peculiarities and ideologies in order to achieve a number of universal values.

He also said that the federation is indifferent to diversity and that "nobody asks the question of how the one who governs can have his own for the military alliance with Russia and for NATO." The founding meeting of the Alliance for Change should normally take place on 2 September.

In the Alliance for Serbia, in addition to the Democratic Party, former DS and former Belgrade, mayor Drafgan Djilas, People's Party Vuk Jeremic, Serbian movement Dveri, Levica Serbia, Sloga Trade Union, Healthy Serbia Milan Stamatovic and Together for Serbia Nebojsa Zelenovic.

It is speculated that support can be given to the Democratic Party of Serbia.

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