Lutovac invited members of the main council to support the participation of the DS in the establishment of the Alliance for Serbia

Lutovac at the GO meeting in Belgrade said that experience with election and public opinion polls showed that citizens do not understand the insistence on party-specific information.

"The conditions in Serbia are such that we have the autonomy of Aleksandar Vucic, a legal system that is not independent, a media-controlled or passionate pressure, a parliament that is humbled, a finger on the pulse of European integration. are not in a position to choose the circumstances, only to say whether we want to change them or continue to insist on our particularities, "said Lutovac.

Speaking of the reasons why the DS should be one of the founders of the Alliance for Serbia, Lutovac said: "At the moment the building is on fire, tenants have the duty to extinguish the fire, not to water the grass. to give."

"The idea of ​​the alliance is the idea to unite all the opposition potentials ready to change to better political and social relations in Serbia and the strengthening of the alliance for Serbia strengthens the Democratic Party, which only shows its specificity if it has its relevance retains, "he said. President of the DS.

Lutovac also stated that the Democratic Party did not join or join the Alliance for Serbia, but that it was the founder of that opposition bloc and one of its pillars.

"Thirty points on which we have reached agreement are neither left nor right, they are already approaching normal Serbia," said Lutovac, adding that participation in the Alliance does not prevent the DS from leading autonomous politics.

Speaking about, he said, the doubts of some members of the DS regarding the participation of the Dveri Movement in the Alliance for Serbia, Lutovac said that the block must also include right-wing voters in order to have a breadth.

"The doors are the only right-wing party that is not under the direct or indirect control of the government. The alliance must also include right-wing voters, not just to be a program-ideological coalition," Lutovac said.

As he said, the founders of the Alliance for Serbia agreed that on the issue of Kosovo and Metohija, international law should be respected and that Pristina should not be admitted to the UN, while he concerns European integration, he said the positive attitude of the DS towards Serbia's membership in the Union has not been brought into question and that the party wants a "real European path", Serbia wants to become a normal democratic state.

He added that the DS had previously entered into such broad opposition alliances, but that after his participation he had never lost his identity or appreciation.

Lutovac also assessed that the Democratic Party is on the path of revitalization and announced that the main activities of the party organs in the coming period will be a modification of the DS status, information on membership, permanent and direct communication with civil society and those who create public opinion and are fighting for the presence of the Democratic Party on Serbia's radio-television.

The GO session was closed to the public after the address of Lutovec, and the current members of the body are considering a proposal to confirm the participation of the DS in the establishment of the Alliance for Serbia.

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