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02. September 2018. 12:44 |

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President of the Democratic Party (DS), Zoran Lutovac, today proposed to the main committee that he vote on the decision to join the Alliance for Serbia

Democratic Party (DS) President Zoran Lutovac today proposed to the Head Committee to vote on the decision to join the Alliance for Serbia.

According to Lutovac, DS will not be someone joining the Alliance, but a founder.

He added that the Alliance does not prevent the DS from leading autonomous politics, but rather the unification of the opposition to change the current conditions in the country.

He also said that the Alliance would unite those who are ready to change Serbia.

"The idea of ​​the Alliance is the idea of ​​uniting the opposition, possibly ready to change Serbia, the alternative does not represent all our parties individually under censorship, it is decided to form a broad alliance because experience shows that citizens do not understanding our details, "said Lutovac. .

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He stated that the broader alliance is an association with those who are less ideologically close to each other because the agreed program objectives have been agreed.

Lutovac said that three important issues were raised: the attitude towards KiM, the direction of the EU, and the fact that the Movement of the Dveri will also be in the Alliance.

As far as the Dveri is concerned, according to Lutovac, they are there because they say that the only right-wing party is not under the control of the current government & # 39 ;.

As far as KiM is concerned, he said that the Alliance believes that a dialogue is necessary and that the Kosovo chairs in the UN are unacceptable and that the DS remains determined for the EU.

Discussion and voting on the Lutovc proposal were closed to the media.

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