Marko, 27, tried to burn the building in the suburb of Belgrade: Polio corridors with oil and threatened tenants | Telegraph

His neighbor called the police


Marko L. (27) sat Saturday around 7 pm on Saturday in the halls around the building where he lives in the Belgrade settlement Zeleznik and threatens to burn the entire building.

The murder of the head of the underworld of Krusevac: in the brutal liquidation of Ždrokinac, the murderer of his son (VIDEO)

The young man poured oil in the corridors from the ground floor to the second, the last, the floor, reports Informer.

His neighbor saw this, called the police, and then pleaded for Marko until a patrol arrived, overpowered by a picky young man.

A lighter was found with him.

VIDEO: A man suspected of murder was arrested


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