Mayor of Osijek: Serbs and Croats will not be, if we do not cooperate

"If migrations continue to intensify in this way, we will integrate Croats and Serbs because of social needs, and we will do so because we are close, regardless of the fact that in these circumstances we are showing in the media that we are not close. These massive expulsions of young people from the region are an opportunity to try and live better, because if we do not try, we can not live in this region at all, "says Vrkic, Radio Free Europe.

He said this at the traditional 11th international scientific conference "Croatian-Serbian Relations" in Golubić, near Obrovac, Croatia.

Srdjan Jeremic, the chairman of the Joint Council of Municipalities in Sverdlov, said that relations between Serbs and Croats should be addressed with respect and dialogue, and to achieve this, people should have good intentions, which is nowadays rare when it comes to political relations between the two countries.

"However, there are positive examples of local communities, where politicians show that coexistence is possible, positive examples are given by the Mayor of Obrovac Ante Zupan and Osijek, Mayor Ivica Vrkic," said Jeremic.

Speaker of the Croatian parliament Boris Milosevic said that the aim of the policy is to create a framework for peace, stability and prosperity and added that this policyflags, Serbia, Croatia There is no alternative.

According to him, it is also a "struggle to survive" because everything is in violation of this policy "a policy of poor economic development and national intolerance." is, that is the result of emigration, departure of young people and devastation that can take over these territories & # 39 ;. .

The conference was attended by scientists and politicians from the region, and the subject of this year's meeting is Serbian-Croatian relations since the founding of Yugoslavia to date (1918-2018).

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