MILICEV IS PRISONED IN THE PRISON! Chauffeur "cantryman" convicted of fatal accident made a child in "love room"!

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The "cantryman" rider who killed Luke Jovanovic in Branko's Bridge in Belgrade in 2014 made a daughter in his prison in a "love room"

Marko Milicevic (37), who in July 2014 killed "Cantor" Luka Jovanovic (21) on Branko & # 39; s Bridge in Belgrade, received a daughter in prison! He made a child in the & # 39; love room & # 39; from the Zabela prison in Pozarevac, where he served a sentence of four and a half years!

He asked for conditional release

This novelty was found in the prison administration's report, which was sent to the Third Basic Court in Belgrade to decide on Milic's request for a trial period. It states that "the prisoner became father 13 months ago" and that in the Milic case "a rehabilitation was successfully carried out, that he did not commit disciplinary offenses and that he was engaged in work".

Despite a positive assessment of the prison, the Prosecution protested that Milićev would be released before the end of the entire sentence (early March of the following year), and the court extended the decision until September 20 and asked the prison administration for a more detailed report on his behavior.

Milićev met one of the legal requirements for the release of premature freedom, ie he served two thirds of the prison sentence. In February, the court dismissed its first plea for an unfavorable report from prison and made a fresh appeal on 12 June, although he previously demanded through his lawyers that he wanted to serve the full sentence!

MILICEV IS ALWAYS BETWEEN THE MASK? The Court asks for an assessment of the prison sentence or the driver of the "canteen" can be released!


In this case it remains the most intriguing to date where the expensive "cantrimen", worth 30,000 euros, has disappeared and who is the real owner. That is exactly why many speculations have continued. Shortly after Milic's arrest, he leaked to the public that he actually took the blame for the big money, and that at the time of the fatal accident, the "cantrimen" was being controlled by someone else!

Sam Milicev during the process that the owner of the "cantry" is a well-known personality, who often lives abroad and for which he has occasionally maintained the vehicle. The identity of this person did not want to reveal, although he could have gained a better position and lower the sentence.

Do not forget that the accident occurred at Branko & # 39; s Bridge on July 25, 2014, when Luka Jovanovic and his friends came back from the city. The "Lada" broke down on the bridge, so they came out to push him into a stop. At that time they were attacked by "cantrimen", powered by Milić at a speed of 85 to 110 kilometers per hour, and caused Luki fatal injuries.


VICTIMS Luka Jovanovic (21)

Jovanovic died a day later in the emergency center and Milic quickly left Serbia and even came to China. It was there at the end of August of the same year and was delivered to Serbia at the beginning of September. On 28 October 2015, the trial judgment was pronounced by the High Chamber of Appeal, chaired by Judge Svetlana Galić.

UBIO LUKU ON BRANK & # 39; S BRIDGE, US HERE BELIEVES IT! The court decides today whether Marko Milićev will be on SLOBODU!

A fair judgment

And this verdict has been widely criticized in public, mainly because of its length, although Judge Galic managed to withstand all the pressure during the trial and evaluate the existing evidence in a professional manner. She explained her decision as follows:
As far as the accident itself is concerned, it is a situational act that could have happened to anyone and that is why it is a punishment in the context of existing practice. However, the moral and personal responsibility of Milićev is much greater because he has not stopped and offered help to the wounded.

In the same procedure, Marko's brother Bratislav Vesovic was sentenced to a year in prison for hiding him after the incident and helping him get rid of the cantry. The taxi driver "Pink Taxi" Sasa Jankovic was finally acquitted of allegations that he had not reported the accident, while five of Mark's neighbors were sentenced to four months to 10 months in prison from "cantrymen".

He took the surname of his wife for camouflage

The media wrote after the crash that his wife Marko Milicev, after his arrest, filed a divorce application, but apparently she changed her mind and visited him in the & # 39; love room & # 39; where they started the baby. Milićev, remember, took the woman's last name in 2013, to somehow hide that he had already been convicted five times. His rightful surname is Markovic.

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