Mladic (23) died on the road at Zrenjanin at sunrise when his car crashed telegraph


Nenad Desančić died on the spot, while 28-year-old Milos Subic was taken to a hospital in Zrenjanin

Traffic accident, overthrown car
Photo illustrations: Profimedia / Juice images

In a road accident on the road Secanj-Konak, around 17.30 this morning The 23-year old Nenad Desančić has been killedsays Pink.

Goreo car on the way to Bar – Petrovac, so the hill has started

He was in the Ford Focus car, which was off the road and crashed.

Desančić died on the spot, and 28-year-old Milos Subic was injured and taken to a hospital in Zrenjanin.

The research is under way.

VIDEO: Serious road accident in Grdelički Klisuri


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