Mojsilović: Exercise "A century of victory" full of symbols

In the exercise to be held on 8-11 November and one of the largest in the region, 8,000 members of the Serb forces will participate in approximately 645 combat systems, Mojsilovic told RTS.

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He said that on Saturday 10 November the exercise will peak in the part that relates to exercises and that the most important thing is to perform the shooting.

The specificity of the exercise, he explains, is that we will simultaneously carry out activities in the field of planning, exercises and fighting at all 10 locations on the 10th and 11th of this month.

According to him, the character "The Victory Day" is a large volume with lots of symbolism.

"Namely, the number 100 is dominant – 100 years since the heroic victory of the Serbian army, 100 tanks on the exercise, 100 armored combat vehicles, 100 artillery and missile systems, both terrestrial and PVO," said Mojsilovic.

The training also includes a river fleet, as well as a wider range of weapons introduced into the equipment of the Serbian forces.

It is about "laser", "crazy", hoodies, small and big "milos", and there will be new boats and a large number of infantry weapons, protective equipment.

General Lieutenant Colonel Mojsilovic pointed out in particular that the exercise will be equipped with the units "1,500".

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