Molotov cocktails at the law firm Belgrade


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An unknown person on Thursday, about an hour after midnight at the sights in Belgrade, set fire to the company site. There were no injuries, but the objects that were led by Nada Milosavljevic were destroyed

THE MILOSAVLJEVIC office in the Vidikovac settlement in Belgrade was set on fire on Thursday morning, one hour after midnight. As expected, an unknown person introduced Molotov cocktail into the building. Fortunately, there were no injuries.

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The establishment in Pilot Mihaila Petrovića 12 in Rakovica is owned by JP "Poslovni prostor", and lawyer Nada Milosavljević has been renting it for years. He works in the office with his son Miroljub and is mainly involved in property disputes.

Milosavljevic spent three days in the attorney's office and is currently in America. She went to visit a daughter who should be born. Her son and her husband are currently in Herceg Novi, on vacation.

"Hope is a great woman and I do not know who could do something like this for her," say her neighbors from nearby stores. – I have had a law firm for years and, as far as I know, she has never worked on a number of problematic issues. Who knows what a cause could be … Thank God for not spreading the fire to other outlets.

EVERY 40 TRY BEFORE dismissing the buildings of the law firm "Milosavljevic", the last attack on a lawyer was fatal. In the passage of the building in which he lives, Dragoslav Miša Ognjanović, with several hits, was executed on 28 July. His son was wounded on that occasion. The authorities are still looking for the perpetrator of this crime. Otherwise there have been more than 40 attacks on lawyers over the past 15 years.

The flames destroyed furniture, as well as files and objects from lawyers. Although the fire did not affect office facilities, smoke smells were felt everywhere and slight damage was done in the corridor.

According to the information we have received, security cameras & # 39; s not installed at the entrance to the law firm, but have them on surrounding facilities. That could help solve this case. The Second Base Public Prosecution Service, which carries out the investigation, announced that the cause of the fire was not yet known, but that all circumstances had been determined.

Otherwise, under the many cases under the direction of lawyer Nada Milosavljevic, there is reportedly illegal takeover of the land on Zlatibor, worth about a million euros, which is carried out for 15 years. Namely, she represents a woman who claims that the inheritance has been taken away from him, namely 20 hectares of land near the Zelenkada Hotel, all intended to sell it to Darko Šarić in 2007. Milosavljevic claimed that in all cases people from the judiciary were involved, from the courts in Cajetina, Uzice, through the court of appeal in Kragujevac, to the Supreme Court of Cassation in Belgrade. As a result, she once filed a criminal complaint with the public prosecutor for organized crime.

In addition to this case, Nada Milosavljevic was once represented by small shareholders of "Luke Beograd".

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