MONSTRAZZAN MISDADS IN LID: A woman, a husband and a lover have killed an old man in a bottle, put the body in the trunk of the car! | Chronicle


18 September 2018 13:13> 22:11 |

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Tanja and Života Avramović from Svilajnac and Bogić Đoković from Viteževo were arrested on suspicion that they killed Živan Savić (75) from the family near Žabar on 14 September. They wanted to rob him

WEDDING The couple Tanja (38) and Života Avramović (48) from Svilajnac and Bogić Đoković (49) from Viteževo near Žabar were arrested on suspicion that Živan Savić (75), from the family near Žabar, was murdered on 14 September. Savic is on a fateful day, because he would come to Avramovic's house, and after a short discussion, some of them put his head together with a bottle of wine!

– The first results of the study show that Tanja was in love with Djokovic, but at the same time with the murdered Savic, an accurate investigation. – They expected to take some money from Živanov that day, but they started arguing and eventually they killed him. Immediately they called life, which soon arrived.

The body was then placed in the car of Živanov's car and taken to a holiday home in Kušiljev near Svilajnac. The police said that three of them were then taken to the family. They entered Savic's house and stole two bicycles from her who found the police in the house of Avramovic in Svilajnac. It is not known whether the suspects have found money from the victim's home and have taken it.

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When one of the villagers felt that the smell of the car was spreading in the area, he called the police. The victim was quickly identified and the inspectors lightly handcuffed the suspect's hands.

– At the hearing they handed over the responsibility of each other – our source continues from the MUP. – According to life, the murder was committed by his wife's lover, while Bogic stated that Tanja had been pulled to the bottle. When the examination is completed and the results of the autopsy arrive, it will be understood exactly what has happened.

It is suspected that the motive of the crime is a pleasure for Savić because Savić was a Swiss pensioner. His wife, Danica, died six months ago, and daughter Dragica, son of Slaviša and granddaughter Danijela, are still in Switzerland.

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– He built a beautiful house. Just look at how many flowers there are in the garden, so you'll know how it was hosted. He has edited it all. There was no better man than he. He was a very valuable, family, excellent neighbor. He always smiled. When a man looked at him, he would have to laugh – tells the neighbor of Savić.

Victim Živan Savić

His cousin adds that he played the accordion and was a great cheerleader.

– He had an orchard and a vineyard, from which he made wine for himself and his friends. He was always ready to help, said one of Savic's neighbors.

According to the order of the Public Prosecution Service in Jagodina, the suspects are detained for up to 48 hours, after which they are brought to the public prosecutor with a criminal charge.

Nobody has ever been together

COMSIA & # 39; s wife Avramovic of Svilajnac says that nobody socialized with them. The police said that they occasionally came to their home for suspected involvement in the theft.

– I often saw patrols, but one day there were many police officers. They stayed all day. Then they took Avramovic and Bogic, who lived with them. tomorrowThe police day came again. I knew immediately that something terrible was happening. today We said they killed a man – told us the neighbor of the suspect couple.

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