Montenegrin is looking for a young man to play a boyfriend at a wedding attractions

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August 21, 2018 17:54 |

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Because she did not have a partner at the wedding party of her sister in Belgrade to present to the public & # 39 ;, a Montenegrin woman sought help on & # 39; Twitter & # 39;

PRESSURE of family, family members and friends that a girl finds a boy sometimes becomes unbearable during big parties. Because she did not have a partner who would present it to the public & # 39; on the marriage of a sister in Belgrade, a Montenegrin sought help from & # 39; Twitter & # 39;

In an unusual ad on "Twitter" the girl is looking for an escort for the party that will be held in Belgrade at the end of August.

"I would hire a sweet boy for Saturday, August 25, 17 hours, Belgrade, to play my boyfriend at my sister's wedding, because who will listen to the family." Interested DM, "it says.

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Users of the popular social network were eager to comment on the ad, and interested people were asked about "additional conditions" and opportunities of the candidate.

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